Alcoholism Can Take You Towards Death!

By reading the title you must be thinking that how weird is this. It’s an odd heading but the matter that I want to bring in your concern is an addiction to alcohol that gradually degrades our body and it’s functioning.

Alcohol consumption in youngsters is a way to show their coolness or whatever but it doesn’t make sense that consuming alcohol makes you cool or proves you are superior. Yes, that is true and if you do so, it only leads to its hazardous effects on health.

The dependence or addiction to alcohol is known as alcoholism. Alcohol acts as a sedative (lessens functional activity) and anesthetic (causes loss of sensation).

Problems caused by Alcohol

  • Social Troubles

These include absence from work, unemployment, marital issues, financial crunches, child abuse including violence and traffic offences.

  • Physical Problems

These are variable and can affect virtually any organ in the body.

  • Psychological Issues

Excessive drinking causes depression. Suicide attempt is much common in alcoholics. Sexual relationship is usually destroyed because of impotence.

Types of alcoholics

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) defined two types of alcoholics:

  1. Type 1 alcoholics: People who come under this category usually do casual drinking. Men and women of early ages, starts alcohol consumption due to family issues or social dilemma.
  2. Type 2 alcoholics: In this category predominately males those who are chronic drinkers came. They have analogous family environment or any relationship issues etc.

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

No doubt, the intake of a high amount of alcohol not only affects individual health and family life but also creates several community and social problems. Casual drinking habits may become addiction and lead to these severe affects on the body.

  • Effects on the Brain 

Alcohol is depressant to the brain. Even after only a few drinks, alcohol decreases sleep and depresses rapid eye movement (REM). The person can loss his self-control, judgment and the will power.

  • Effect on Immunity 

Chronic alcoholics neglect their health and soon the body loses its resistance to infections.

  • Effect on Kidneys 

Diuresis (increased urine output) is often noticed after alcohol intake.

  • Effects on Cardio Vascular System 

Chronic alcoholism may lead to cardiomyopathy. Moderate doses cause tachycardia (increase heart beat), and a mild rise n blood pressure. Alcohol also reduces blood sugar level which is harmful to the functioning of the brain.

  • Effects on the Liver 

The liver becomes enlarged, yellow, greasy, and firm. It increases fat synthesis in the liver leading to the fatty liver syndrome.

Diseases Caused Due to Alcohol Abuse

  • Mallory Weiss syndrome
  • Impotency and infertility
  • Alcoholic myopathy
  • Wernicke’s and Koraskoff’s syndrome
  • Ataxia

This list can be so long for alcohol addicts until it leads them to their final output that is death.

But by proper awareness towards de-alcoholism addicts can save them from these deadly diseases. It may be a hard step for an alcohol addict person but it can save their lives which is much valuable.

So, by taking a hard step towards alcoholism and a better decision for saving one’s life, one can go for de-alcoholism treatment.


It includes treatment of alcoholics and the treatment of withdrawal symptoms. It needs constant support from family, friends and closed ones to break off the habit.

Final Words

Alcohol addicts can save their lives if they become aware of what they are going to lose if they continue their casual drinking habits until they become addicted. It’s not only deteriorating their own lives but also destroying the lives of people connected with them.

Thus, stop this addiction and don’t push yourself towards death.